What makes us different?

Hands-on healing by one or two practitioners—the choice is yours. We’re here when you need us...seven days a week

Why duo‑practitioner healings?

Two practitioners working simultaneously provides you the opportunity to address more than what’s possible during a single‑practitioner healing.

Medicine Man and Medicine Woman

Shelley and Jason working together is a powerful and magical combination of the energies of a Medicine Man and Woman.

Shelley brings the etheric, nurturing of the feminine, while Jason embodies strong earth medicine in the form of inherited Kurradji (traditional Aboriginal) healing practices.

We love what we do

We love helping facilitate your healing.

What we love even more, is seeing you empowered in your healing with the understanding that you have your own innate healing abilities.

Your healing brings us joy.

Divine Balance’s mission is to help people find balance and peace in their lives.

Established by Shelley McConaghy in 2003, Divine Balance® was created to help people find balance and peace in their lives. For the first 13 years Shelley provided her clients with single-practitioner energy balancing sessions incorporating Usui Reiki, crystal healing, polarity energy balancing, and sound healing techniques.

In 2016 she began providing duo-practitioner sessions with her partner Jason Engelbrecht, who brings the addition of Kurradji (traditional Aboriginal) healing techniques.

Recharge your batteries

Your batteries will be recharged in fully-clothed comfort on a massage table or reclining chair depending on your mobility. Crystals will be placed in your hands, underneath the table, and on your body. The treatment itself will then incorporate techniques such as yogic breathing, polarity energy balancing, Kurradji traditional healing techniques, some shamanic practices, sound healing, and gently relaxing reiki holds.

Ultimately the healing takes place between our clients and the source of all—we are just the conduit.


We understand that your schedule isn’t always as flexible as you’d like. To make things easier, we have daytime and evening appointments available, seven days a week.

Come and see us at our Mona Vale healing room.

There is no better way to learn ‘balance’ than by listening to that soft voice within—the one we can only hear when we become still.

Make an appointment today to experience your own piece of Divine Balance®, for it is in the quiet swing of the pendulum that all things come into balance.

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What our clients have experienced


"I seem to drift into another world of calm and peace. I float back to reality with my spirit revitalised. My mind, body and soul feel balanced in gentle unison. Thank you for my ‘heavenly hour’.”


"I saw Shelley for healing at a time of many endings in my life. She was kind, gentle and most of all intuitive and without ‘ego’ – it undoubtedly worked because since then I am kinder to myself, am making better decisions and am sleeping the best I have in years.”


"Shelley’s intuitive combination of the reiki healing energy and polarity balancing techniques have brought great benefits into my life and the readiness of the arrival of my child.”


"I find the experience soothing, caring and beneficial. I always sleep better and have more energy to do the things I need to during the day. Highly recommended for people with a busy lifestyle."


"Shelley’s work impressed me on multiple levels, she has a very professional, warm and welcoming nature. I have exhausted myself from a busy lifestyle, juggling full time work, studies, a business and I had hardly any energy left. Seeing Shelley just for one session has taken care of that – I feel ‘recharged and clear’ to accomplish everything I need to and will see Shelley in the future for more sessions. Shelley I really appreciate your help. Thank you!”


"I feel like a kitten being gently held and stroked—and I haven’t even got on the table yet! I don’t know how she does it, but I feel better in Shelley’s presence.”


"I have experienced two healing sessions with Jason, for two very different reasons, but the shift I felt on both occasions was extraordinary. The first involved chronic pain in both shoulders, but after Jason’s healing I felt instant release and incredible movement in both joints – and also had the best night’s sleep in a very long while. The second was for a white-tail spider bite that was sore and irritating, and also a source of worry for me because it was taking so long to heal. All I can say is that I physically felt Jason drawing the pain from my arm like a thread, and had no further irritation – or anxiety – after that day. Jason’s way is unlike anything I have experienced before: he brings an incredible presence together with ancient wisdom and his own intuition. Don’t hesitate – you will feel safe and healed in the space he creates."


"With just one session with Jason I found relief straight away. I was suffering from frozen shoulder, and had been told by my orthopaedic surgeon that I'd need to sit it out...the pain that is. Jason however was able to give me marked improvement in my rotation and I'm now able to sleep on both sides comfortably. Thanks Jason."


After having a session with
Shelley and Jason this
morning, I left feeling very
relaxed and peaceful—totally
zen! Come lunchtime, even
better. Shelley and Jason are
professional, genuine, and love
their craft—highly recommend a


While doing my regular Friday shop at the markets in Warriewood, I was captivated by a purple stall and for some unknown reason I could not walk away and I had to experience what Divine Balance were offering...
I am a busy mum of two, age 43 and even though I started my journey of healthy living and clean diet, yin yoga etc over a year ago, there was still something unbalanced in my life. Being a skeptic and not expecting too much, I put my name down to try a 30 minute session.
Shelley greeted me with her beautiful kind green eyes, and introduced me to her partner Jason who has a wonderful wise, powerful aura about him. They ran through my health issues, aches pains etc, and talked me through what the session was about.
Twenty minutes into the session I was feeling relaxed but nothing much was happening, then all of a sudden I felt this amazing surge of energy start in both hands, move up my arms then down into my legs and feet. It continued vibrating through my body and it was a weird but nice feeling. It was like they were removing layers of dross that I had been unknowingly carrying for years, which had been impacting my health.
I cried and heavily breathed out the old, and afterwards I felt like a new person. My aches and pains had gone too which was amazing! My head was clear and I felt really cleansed.

All I can say is Shelley and Jason are a very special couple with a gift to help people. They both compliment each other with their talent when they work as a team.

I am glad I stumbled across them that day as it changed my life and I intend to keep them as a go-to when life gets on top of me.


Shelley and Jason are a power duo of our community. I met them both when preparing for a charity event for Lifeline Northern Beaches, for which they generously donated their time. They are amazing at networking and supporting our community and have their fingers on the pulse when advising of alternative relaxation techniques for myself—they are very generous with their referrals and supporting other local businesses—this level of integrity is important to me and Divine Balance meet my expectations on many levels.

I visited them for a crystal healing where Shelley and Jason both worked on me. Having two people working with me at the one time is something I thought would be less calming than a 1:1 session—I was wrong. They both work so well in unison that it was like they had synchronised and choreographed a dance perfectly around me, it was so quiet and peaceful. During the session, I was able to relax and breath and become mindful of my own breath—something I had long forgotten about and lost. To have found such a balanced amount of calm and peace within the first 20 minutes is astounding, I am by no means a relaxed person who is practised at meditation, so this space of peace was new to me, I am ever so grateful that I have found them, truly. The couples honesty on many levels is so comforting - I think open or closed/undecided minded people alike would find this experience very rewarding.

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