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Polarity therapy

Polarity therapy is a hands-on form of energy medicine that draws on many healing traditions from the East and West, ancient and modern. Developed by Dr Randolph Stone in the 20th Century, this powerfully effective healing art combines balancing the body’s core energy field with therapeutic techniques covering diet, exercise, self‑development and the spiritual and psychological dimensions. Polarity therapy awakens the body’s innate intelligence that carries with it, the self healing mechanism—allowing the body to rejuvenate, instead of managing the fight/flight response we’ve been accustomed to living with.

According to Polarity Therapy Australia, Energy medicine considers that bio-fields of energy are what give us life. When we are stressed, in pain, experience discomfort or dis‑ease our bio‑fields are disturbed. When we are healthy, these bio‑fields are strong and balanced. At death, these bio‑fields break down completely and no longer support the movement of our life energies.

Divine Balance Polarity Therapy

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